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Welcome to the official website for Fuji Sightseeing!

Hello to everyone reading this! My name is Makiko. I was born and raised here in Tokyo before backpacking across countries in college, teaching Japanese in Cambodia, and working for a shipping company in the U.S.! Please leave all your travel needs to me. Fuji Sightseeing was born out of two wishes. My first wish was that I wanted people to enjoy traveling more, and the second, was that I wished to introduce Japan, and my hometown, to the world.

Our company is located in Tokyo. What comes to your mind when you think of Tokyo? Is it a metropolis, the hottest fashion, or anime? Or, is it food??? For me, it’s my hometown and the place I’ve lived for a long time. Right now, I live in the same spot my great-great grandfather used to live. Kimono and Japanese traditional culture have always been special to me because my mother is a traditional Japanese dance instructor.

Tokyo always has something new to offer and is always changing. But at the same time, the local people continue to live their lives the same as always. I am excellent at making unique, customized trips that give you a glimpse of the real local life. And those are trips that you can’t find online.

At the same time, Japan is as long from north-to-south as the U.S. That’s why a lot of snow falls during winter in Hokkaido to the north. While in Okinawa to the south, you can wear short-sleeved shirts all year and experience a completely different culture there! In the 16th Century, a historical event happened when the capital of Japan moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. Famous local goods and traditional handicrafts, that exist today in Japan, were created from a culture where they were given by feudal lords to the most important lord, the Shogun, in Tokyo. These items are rooted in the lifestyles of the people and are based on the land and the unique cultures. To this day, there are still people living all over Japan who keep these traditions alive.

I continue to travel across Japan to protect that local network. I still think that are ninjas hiding all over Japan, and I have met real ninjas! One was a little old man who walked shockingly fast across hills and fields. Another was a famous salmon fishermen who traveled all across Japan. And there are many more!

It may be inconvenient and difficult to travel in large groups on local trips. However, Japan is overflowing with places that ban photos, which means you must go in person to see them! Japan also has historical trees, paper treasures, and more! Japan also offers tons of natural scenery that will make you gasp in surprise. My goal is to have fun together as we curiously learn more about Japanese culture!

I hope you will come and see the culture and scenery that Japanese people treasure. Please also come and experience Japanese culture that’s a step deeper in than your average tourism.

I look forward to meeting you in Japan!


Company Name

Fuji Sightseeing Co., Ltd.


142-0054 Tokyo-to, Shinagawa-ku, Nishinakakobu 2-6-3


Makiko Taniguchi (Head of Tourism Affairs)

Date Founded

January 11, 2018

Initial Startup Capital

3,000,000 Yen

Our Primary Financial Institutions

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
SMI Sumishin Net Bank, Ltd.
Meguro Shinkin Bank

Who We Are & What We Do

(1)We are a travel agency.
(2)We prepare travel arrangements & interpreters for trips primarily to Cambodia and Taiwan.
(3)We are actively engaged in supporting the local economy of Nishinakakobu in Tokyo-to, Shinagawa-ku.
(4)We are also involved in the foreign trading business.

A Registered Travel Agency

Tokyo Governor Issued License Number 3-7556

A Proud Member of the Following Organizations

All Nippon Travel Agents Association
Tokyo Travel Agents Association